Buddha Box by 13 Concept Store- Amethyst

Buddha Box by 13 Concept Store- Amethyst


Create your space. Manifest your vision. Our curated buddha box includes items from all over the world, collected during our travels. Our curated items promote balance, spirituality, and a positive lifestyle.

Try lighting the incense to manifest your vision, have some tea or do some yoga. Whatever you do have a clear mind and a balanced chakra. Namaste.

Our box Includes:

Hamsa hand: Protective sign to bring happiness, health and good fortune.

Book mark: To nurture your mind.

Journal: Write your manifestations and thoughts.

Mini chest: Store your green, crystals or keepsakes for positive energy.

Prayer beads: Chant positivity. Om. Can be worn as necklace as well.

Issa Vibe Roses: Use for tea or drink decoration. (Do not swallow rose.)

Incense: Our "happiness" incense is sourced from our spiritual guider. Burn incense to cleanse space and do intention meditation.

Amethyst Crystal: Love and protection

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