What if you could jetset and indulge in the fashion of international humanity?

Khronicles by K, brings you Haute Kulture. The Kreator, Kalila rooted from the fashion world as "K. Ingram" and finds her happiness taking full advantage of being a citizen of the world.

She presents to you “A Curation of Haute Kulture" from her worldwide travels. A capsule collection inspired by each destination is designed to make a statement through it's style identity and reflection of kŭl′chər.

This is strictly for individuals that possess a nomadic spirit and a style of their own. 

We start our journey with “a curation of haute kulture” from India; a land of ornamental details, rich colors, lavish textiles and rich treads.

Followed by a collection from japan, where you will find a deconstruction of kimonos and customized vintage military jackets infused with Japanese fabrics. 

Our latest collection hails from Morocco; from the depths of Marrakech’s souks; to pieces found in shops along the road, in route to Essaouira. It’s a reflection of the strength and style seen in the Berber women and a representation of Moroccan culture. 

The style narrative continues with a new edition entitled, kŭl′chər shop. A curated retail collective, housed under KHRONICLES by K; featuring global artisans or brands that are featuring core collections & products. 

It’s an eclectic style and a synergy of brands that offer it’s consumer base, global garments, gems, and unique lifestyle finds.  The roster consists of designers & brands that K has met along her journey of travels, or personally has a genuine interest or connection to.